Embroidered Diaries Special Gift Combo Box 7 (Pack of 2)


Exclusive Gift Combo Box  holding impeccable crafts such as Vintage Embroidered Diary. All books are hand-bounded with Jaipur Handmade papers.
Item Details-
Embroidered Diary (4×6 inch)
Hard Cover with 50 sheets (100 pages)


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Entirely Handmade in Kutch, Gujrat.
‘One of a kind’ as this Special Gift Combo you won’t get anywhere else in India. Diary is entirely suitable for Sketching, Doodling, illustration, Painting, Calligraphy or Simply for Writing. The perfect gift for yourself or for your loved ones.
We hope you enjoy this special combo of specially handcrafted products,  products in the box are unique so no two would be alike.