About Us – Fableslick

About Us

Our Story

Fableslick is the team of doers who wants to revolutionize the face of the Handicraft market for artisans and creators to the consumers.

The company is founded by two creative enthusiasts who believe that even a big change starts from little steps. We undoubtedly know their responsibility as Indian citizens, and their love for the country is what makes them shine bright. Our main motive is to spread awareness among the individuals about the traditional art forms and handicraft products of our country by minimizing the gap between the artisans & the customers

The creative process has always been the root of true craftsmen.
Material is the heart of every handicraft products.
We believe Quality over Quantity
Trust is the basis of all good business.

What We Do

It’s not always about creation, it’s also about the creator.

We want the artisans and creators to get credit for their creative and artistic skills. We feel obliged to help them get what they deserve. They perform thorough background research of handicrafts produced by them like chikan work, meenakari work, glasswork, bamboo work, embroidery work, hand block textile printing, carpet weaving, paintings, pottery, silverware, wooden toys, etc. and promote them via social media and other platforms to influence the right buyers or shoppers.