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Jaipur Handmade Paper: The Art of Papermaking

The exercise of writing letters and expressing emotions through words has come a long way. Earlier, writing was common on paper, and now we have “digital papers” on our mobile phones and call them by various names. But, somehow, the importance of writing has always been the same, and the arrival of countless replicas of pages couldn’t replace the standard “kaagaz.” Runners don’t hold the patent, but there are different types of handmade papers that build authenticity. In this blog, we will talk about the Jaipur Handmade paper from India, what paper is made from, how is paper made step by step? 


What is handmade paper? 

The name itself says that the handmade papers are made by hands using the Moulds and sifting process to set the pulp on the screen and make it dry. The handmade paper turns the waste cotton fabric, wildflowers, leaves, seeds, and used documents into pulp that is then dried to form a sheet. But, how do they make paper? How does the compression take place and get a smooth surface? Let’s see how to make paper from pulp.  


Process of making handmade paper 

Anything handmade requires a lot of concentration and effort to turn it into a useful masterpiece. And if we talk about handmade pages, the process would be interesting, creative, and soothing simultaneously. The papermaking process involves few steps, and these are; 

Converting the cotton into pulp: The pulp used in making handmade paper is purely organic and self-made. Many times dried petals, leaves, seeds are also mixed into the pulp. Then, the mixture is diluted with water.  

Extraction of the pulp: after the previous process, the diluted pulp is then poured into the masonry, and with the help of a fine mesh attached to the wooden frame, the pulp is extracted from the mixture and is covered with a muslin cloth. Hence, the pulp is now converted into a sheet. 

Beating the sheet and drying: The wet sheet of cotton is then beaten up with the flat brush to make its surface smooth, and for the textured papers, the sheet is beaten up with the patterned brush. And then it is kept under the sunlight, till it gets scorched and with this process, the paper is ready. 

Note: no cutting of trees is involved in the process; instead, the textile waste, dried organic substances are used to make an eco-friendly and quality paper.  


Handmade Paper Quality 

Unlike machinery, the handmade paper material is rich-textured, as the papers are made from cotton and are not compressed poorly. The handmade pieces are large, and the edges are rough, unlike the machine-made forms. The handmade papers are used for multi-purpose like drawing, writing, binding into books, rubber stamping, and more. In addition, these papers are highly utilized in diaries, cards, and creative aspects.  

This is how handmade paper is made in Jaipur, India. The paper is so known to everybody that it is event exported globally. The demands of such grade material are appreciated all over the world. The handmade paper industry is ranking gradually in both the national and international markets.  

So, next time you use the handmade paper, thank those artisans who use the mechanism of saving trees and producing a good quality paper out of waste. Let us know what you think about the handmade pieces and for what purpose you majorly use them.  





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