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Everything you need to know about Jaipur’s Wood-Carving Miniature Art

About Jaipur Wood-Carving Miniature Art 

Rajasthan, the Royal State of India, is a place that has given birth to some amazing and intricating art forms. These art forms have their style-statement that people around the world love to carry or hold. Whether we talk about Jaipur Block Printing, Jaipur handmade paper, or Blue Pottery of Jaipur, there is no compromise made with the quality of the handmade product. In this blog, we will discuss another handcraft from Jaipur that has still maintained its name in the list of handcrafted art- Jaipur Wood- Carving Miniature Art.  

Let’s know about it. 


What is Jaipur Wood-Carving Miniature Art? 


It is an art widely practiced in Jaipur, Rajasthan, that shapes different objects by using wood. Wood-Carving is a technique that is also used in Jaipur Block Printing, but Miniature Art is slightly different from Block Printing Art. Here, the wood is chosen based on an object that needs to be designed. Then, the wood is intricately carved into beautiful figures such as God, monuments, Animals, and the like using carving tools. Sometimes, the figures are polished after the carving process to look complete, smooth, and lustrous.   


The Emergence of the Art 

The Art has got its kick from the architectural designs done on the walls of the palace. And now, after many years, Jangid Family has helped in preserving the art form. Not only in preservation but also flourishing art all over the world. Let’s know about Jangid Family from Rajasthan, who has made craft items using wood-carving techniques for a long time.  


Story of Jangid Family 


The Jaipur Wood-Carving Miniature Art was started by Mal Chand Jangid, who was given the National Award in 1971 for his skills. These skills were then passed on to his generation. His son, Mahesh Jangid, took the responsibility to stabilize the art. They are known for making creative designs using sandalwood. And through these arts, they narrate a mythological story that helps in relating to the cultural aspects. He made a popular and intricate fan with a story of Lord Krishna in it, for which he was given a National Award in 1993. Even artists from different countries are attracted to their art and skills. And this is how they met George Flores, a miniature collector from America who challenged Jangid’s to make a replica of a 500 years old altarpiece kept in the British Museum. Jangid and his two sons were able to accomplish this task within 6 months only. The piece was complicated to make and carve as it contains 70 human figures and 30 animal figures. The 4 generations of the Jangid Family have indulged themselves in miniature art and are looking forward to dedicating much of their abilities.  


These arts have maintained the classic culture of India and enlighten its name all over the world. And the artists who have managed to find their sources out of these arts are not only earning but are saving the traditions from extinction.



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